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Distance Learning Education

PVPSS Online Summer Sessions were created to provide students with exceptional educational opportunities to boost student learning. We believe in staying at the forefront of the latest changes; providing our students with an opportunity for continued education in an online platform. Our goal is to bridge potential gaps in proficiency and to extend deeper learning prospects through independent learning.

Guidance and instructional support from our best and brightest teachers offer students the chance to experience not only whole group instruction but give students the opportunity to work with their teachers in a small group setting with our Flexible Friday tutorial program. Students can sign up with their teacher to receive weekly check-ins and extended support in both Math and English Language Arts. 

Below, you will find general information about the online distance learning experience for all PVPSS elementary and intermediate school students including a very important message regarding student behavior and expectations.


  • Provide meaningful learning experiences for our students.

  • Cultivate a sense of belonging, connectedness, and well-being, despite our physical distances and challenges in our world.

  • Design an approach that is responsive to our students’ and families’ needs in this unique context.

  • Provide flexibility for both educators and families. 


The PVPSS Online Elementary School Summer Session invites students in grades 1-5 to take part in a four-week distance learning experience.  Instruction will focus primarily on providing additional academic support and further skill acquisition, reinforcement, and enhancement in the content areas of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.  


PVPSS is pleased to offer our incoming 6th-8th grade students an opportunity to expand their knowledge and skill in the content areas of English/Language Arts and Mathematics. Our goal is to ensure that students receive additional academic support and are exposed to challenging content that piques curiosity and promotes deeper learning.  The intermediate school level will also be offering an afternoon enrichment program  Monday - Friday from 1 pm - 3 pm. 

The following courses are being offered:

English/Language Arts

  • English/Language Arts 6

  • English/Language Arts 7

  • English/Language Arts 8


  • Basic Math Skills Review

  • Math 6 Intro

  • Pathways To Math 6 Accelerated

  • Math 7 Intro

  • Bridge to Algebra

  • Math 8 Intro

  • Math Whiz 

Afternoon Enrichment grades 6-8

  • Photography

  • Science

  • Beginning Chinese 

  • Beginning Spanish 

For full course descriptions, please click on the Math, English/Language Arts tab in the Menu bar.  For the Enrichment program please click on the tab in the drop-down menu bar labeled More.

                                                          IS ONLINE/DISTANCE LEARNING A GOOD MATCH FOR YOU?


Before registration begins, we would like you to consider your answers to the following important recommendations, questions, and statements listed below to ensure your child's success in the PVPSS Online/Distance Learning Program. We would love to have everyone take part in our online summer session, but first and foremost, we want to ensure that our students possess two provisions:

1. Technology

2. Social and Emotional Learning Support

First, Technology.  Please ask yourself 

  • Does my child have technology access, an email address, and reliable wifi?

  • Does my child have average to proficient technological skills? Can they email on their own, open web browsers, word process, download files, and create attachments? If not, will I, as a parent, be able to support my child to assure he/she has all the help needed at home to be successful?

  • Can my household support the amount of time to devote to an online class that requires a minimum of 10 hours per week for a regular block scheduled course? If my child chooses to take the Summer Bridge to Algebra course, can he/she devote a minimum of 20 hours per week online?

Second, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL):

We want our students and parents to understand the social and emotional learning aspects that go into not only learning in a "brick and mortar" school setting but also within Online/Distance Learning.  Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) defines the importance of understanding how children learn to manage emotions, set goals, show empathy for others, establish positive relationships with their peers, and make responsible decisions.  As administrators and educators, we wish for you and your child to consider the following details listed below.


  • I consider myself to be a responsible online citizen, I resist inappropriate social pressure, and I have the ability to make constructive and respectful choices about personal behavior and social interactions based on consideration of ethical standards, safety concerns, social norms, realistic evaluation of consequences of various actions, and the well-being of myself and others.

  • When it comes to learning I welcome opportunities to learn new things and enjoy learning new technologies.

  • Class discussions are important to me and useful in helping me learn the information presented in class.  I almost always participate in class discussions.

  • I am self-motivated, self-disciplined, and organized.

  • When I need help in class I feel comfortable asking questions and asking for help when needed.

  • I like trying to solve technology problems on my own and don't get frustrated easily.

  • Face-to-face communication is not essential to me.  I understand that quality learning can take place without face-to-face communication when I am asked to take part in independent work from home. 

  • I understand that all Zoom/Team online meetings are invitations from my teacher solely to be used for my learning and are not to be shared with any other student(s) inside or outside of the program.  All passwords are to be secured and not shared with others. 


Welcome to our Online/Distance Learning Summer Session. We hope we can be of service to further support your child’s education.  As PVPSS has transitioned quickly from the traditional “brick and mortar” setting into a 100% online platform, we believe we have taken every possible step to ensure that we are creating a safe place for our students to learn.  

Perhaps, you have heard of disruptions that have occurred during online instruction at both the K-12 and college and university levels across our country by students disrupting online classrooms; known as “Zoombombing” the "Zoom" (i.e., individuals spewing racist remarks and using misogynistic vulgar content and or language, etc).  While Zoom is aware of these incidents and has taken steps to help educators prevent these unfortunate events, we as adults and educators alike, need to be mindful that our students play an important role in being respectful of the learning environment and adhering to policies and procedures to protect their education and the education of others. 

That being said, we need the help of our parents in the Palos Verdes Peninsula community to talk with their children about the appropriate behaviors and expectations provided below and throughout the PVPSS Online/Distance Learning website. Students choosing to disregard the policies that have been established such as, making inappropriate comments or displaying images that may attack or offend other individuals' race, sex, gender, religion or national origin will be immediately referred to the respective school’s online administrator. I trust that our community of students will follow all guidelines provided below to make this year’s summer session both enjoyable and productive.

On the first day of class, the teacher will review behavioral expectations. It is essential that all students adhere to the rules set forth. Teachers have been directed to remove a student from an online session for failure to adhere to the standards. 

If the removal of a student should occur, the student is not permitted, under any circumstances, to enter into a dispute with the teacher or disrupt the class in any manner.  

Immediately following the session where a student has been removed, the teacher will contact both student and parent to discuss the behavior(s) exhibited. PLEASE NOTE: Should the behavior involve making inappropriate comments or display visual images that may attack or offend any individuals' race, sex, gender, religion, or national origin, the student will be immediately removed from the program and no refund will be issued. This provision also applies to any student who attempts to visit other online classes in which he or she is not enrolled and/or provides a password that would enable other individuals into a class they are not registered. 

Should any inappropriate behavior of a minor nature be displayed a second time, the student will be removed from the session and a follow-up meeting will be convened including the principal, teacher, parent, and student to discuss the behavior in detail. 

Should a third disruption occur, the student will be dismissed from the program. ​NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED. 


If you have any additional questions after browsing our website and the courses we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 



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